Stress To Success Webinar Series

Stress To Success Webinar Series - Modern Stress Management*

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It isn’t uncommon in today’s society to come across people who are under excessive amounts of stress.


In fact, we all “experience” stress differently; what a person finds as a “stressful” situation may not be for someone else.


At the same time, our bodies respond differently to the stress we find ourselves facing on a day to day basis.


The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter how “stressed” we are or how “stressful” situations can be, there are methods and techniques which can help us to decrease our “stress levels”.


This is accomplished with the cutting-edge and revolutionary Modern Stress Management, Stress to Success, which has been designed with people like ourselves in mind.


Stress is uniquely experienced by each individual and should be “treated” with the same individuality.


Modern Stress Management is a new paradigm which uses Modern Energy Techniques to destress our Energy Bodies.


Our Energy Bodies are the invisible life forces that experience the world through our energy, senses and emotions, in fact our emotions are energy; so by treating our energy levels we are able to “treat” the stress and/or emotions we are experiencing.


The magical “thing” about this revolutionary technique is that the results are instantaneous and lasting, all we have to do is repeat the techniques and we achieve similar, if not better results, every time.


The Stress To Success Webinar Series runs for 12 weeks, starting on the 6th of September to 22nd of November, for 1 ½ hour (7.00 PM to 8.30 PM BST) each week.


These are the topics we will be covering each week:


Week 1 (6th September 2016): What Is Stress? Benefits Of Modern Stress Management

Week 2 (13th September 2016): Our Energy “Body” And Our Emotions

Week 3 (20th September 2016): The SUE Scale

Week 4 (27th September 2016): The Road To Nowhere

Week 5 (4th October 2016): The Road To Somewhere And Beyond

Week 6 (11th October 2016): Relationships And Stress

Week 7 (18th October 2016): Energy EFT And Positive EFT

Week 8 (25th October 2016): EMO – Energy In Motion And Mental Rehearsal

Week 9 (1st November 2016): Our Human Blueprint

Week 10 (8th November 2016): Who Are You When You Are Stressed?

Week 11 (15th November 2016): Empowering Goals And Goal Setting

Week 12 (22nd November 2016): Beyond Modern Stress Management

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