Learning Love Webinar Series

Enhance, Nurture and Empower Relationships in just 12 weeks

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Investment: $127 pp

Early bird discount: $97, save $30 if booked before 1st of September 2016.


Are you one of these types of people:


  1. Single, struggling to start a relationship and don’t what to do?
  2. In a relationship, struggling to find common ground and running out of ideas to keep the relationship going?


You are NOT alone, there are many people out there who are in very similar circumstances to yours, they are just too afraid to speak up or do something about it…


You might be horrified by the idea of talking to someone about relationships, love and the opposite sex.


Again, you are NOT alone, many people feel the same way.


In the Learning Love Webinar Series you will learn the basics about Love, relationships and communication.


This series are ideal for people who are in relationships and single.


Love isn’t as “difficult” as we make it to be, it is simple and we are all meant to experience it, we just let our “fears” and “doubts” get in the way and cloud our vision.


If you are 100% committed and serious about finding the “right” person for you or just to improve your current relationship this is the perfect place for it.


Also, remember love isn’t just about our significant others, it is about our friends and family too, so this webinar series can help you with that too.


Learning Love Webinar Series runs for 12 weeks, starting on the 9th of September to 25th of November, for 1 1/2 hour (7.00 PM to 8.30 PM BST) each week.


These are the areas we will be covering:


Week 1 (9th September 2016) What is Love?

Week 2 (16th September 2016) Learning to Love

Week 3 (23rd September 2016) Letting go of your past to Love

Week 4 (30th September 2016) Learn from your past to Love

Week 5 (7th October 2016) Learning to Love yourself

Week 6 (14th October 2016) Becoming a Loveable

Week 7 (21st October 2016) Love and the LoA

Week 8 (28th October 2016) Writing your own Love story

Week 9 (4th November 2016) Love inventory

Week 10 (11th November 2016) Heart centred Love

Week 11 (18th November 2016) Newly found Love

Week 12 (25th November 2016) Beyond Love

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