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Jorge is called a Mind and Soul Awakener as he encourages his clients to open their eyes and mind to the beauty available to them. He achieves this by deeply allowing his clients to realise what is important to them, personally and spirituality. Jorge's approach, or the Mind-Body-Soul approach as he usually refers to it, brings these elements into balance or alignment and shows his clients what can happen when one or more elements in this equation are out sync and how it manifests in their daily lives.


Working together Jorge and his clients come up with the right solution for any problem present, and how by addressing these areas of concern, each and every area in the client's life can improve to the point where the client regains his belief in him/herself and starts to see the possibilites and opportunities available to them.

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3 Simple Truths About Life

Life really isn't as scary as some people make it out to be.

When I was growing up I'd hear from adults, both neighbours and family how hard life was, that all the good times and opportunities were gone and that we were doomed.

I heard that as a child, heard it as teenager and again as a young adult.

The truth is I have found it otherwise, it is joyful, fun and you can find and create opportunities.

It makes me glad I didn't hear these people when I was growing up because otherwise it'd be in a similar situation to theirs and I would have never seen nor done the things I have done and achieved in life.

I also discovered some truths about life which I am about to share with you.

3 Simple Truths About Life

1. Life is simple! Most of us love to overcomplicate things, life is simple and at the same time isn't easy, we must work for things, this is a fact. We work for what we want.

2. Life is a level playing field! Regardless of what we hear or believe, we ALL pretty much have the same opportunities available to us, the reality is that some work harder than others to make things happen. When we want more we must to do more!!!

3. Everyone is deserving! Some people make up the story that they aren't enough or deserving of anything; the reality is we ALL are deserving of abundance and happiness, we ALL deserve an abundant life.

These are 3 of the truths of life that have helped me to achieve my goals and create a life that I love and enjoy every second of.

Thank you for reading and till next time,


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Why Should I Work With A Confidence Coach? When I was a teenager talking to people about my personal life was a huge thing for me, I learned all the tricks under the sun to avoid talking about my life AND the truth is I was the one who was missing out, I was the one who was robbing himself from some useful advice and/or help. As a teenager I had zero confidence, to the outside world I was “OK” when in reality I was NOT OK, I blagged my way through lies and pretences; no one knew where I lived (I was ashamed of our poverty), no one knew much about my life (I felt there was nothing to share about it), I was very depressed and weeks/days away from attempting suicide. I was outted to my mother for being gay, I lost any hope I had to have a normal life in a matter of days, some of my teenage years sucked! and big time!!! It took me years to learn to fully love and accept myself as I was with all my positive qualities and flaws. From the age of 16 to 18 I attended a weekly therapy group for gay men, here we’d talk about our lives and what was going on and we’d coach each other. This helped me in two ways: 1) I learned how some people struggled in other areas of their life and that was equally as painful as what I was going through, I understood that someone’s pain is as valuable as mine, and 2) I understood the importance of opening and talking to someone or people who can help us and coach us in the right direction. I started with this brief summary of where I was almost 20 years ago, I had no hope for my life, I had visualised a pretty dull and pointless life for myself; in fact, I had very little going for me. However, life had other plans for me. I became the last thing I ever thought I would become, a Therapist and Coach helping people to grow in confidence AND regain control of their lives, achieving their dreams and making a difference in the world. I never saw it coming if I am honest! I was interested in the mind and helping others, but I never put them together, never mind professionally. So, Why work with a confidence coach? If you feel: You have little or no self-confidence, You are lacking in the certainty department, You feel you don’t matter or value, You aren’t worth listening to, You are depressed, or What is the point in being alive. Then, a confidence coach is the right fit for you, why? Because they have the tools necessary to help you overcome your lack of confidence. Confidence coaches, like myself, have studied confidence and what is like to have little to no self-confidence. In my case, I became interested and involved with clients lacking in the self-confidence department for two reasons: My personal experience from the past, I was lacking so much confidence that it led me to a depression I wasn’t even aware off and ultimately almost cost me my life, the day I decided to end my life. When you don’t have confidence or self-esteem there is a price to pay, this is relationships, level of success and sometimes even our lives, and When I was studying management, I carried out a research at work and I learned that many if not most employees had low self-confidence and low self-esteem because they felt unworthy of and useless for their roles, which led to poor performance at work. We also hear stories of people whose lives have been wasted because they never addressed their “problems” on time, leading them to a life of scarcity, misery and loneliness. Working with a confidence coach helps you get the results you want, they work with your exact “problem” and the solutions and goals will be unique to you, so you prevent the worst-case scenario ever becoming a reality. The truth is coaching isn’t a “miracle”, it is preventative AND it moves you towards what you want rather than away from it towards that what you don’t want. One thing clients have to understand is that it takes time to see results, sadly some people think that one session will sort their lives out! Rome was not built in one day and frankly, if some has 4 decades of mess to clean, surely it will take more than 1 hour! I will give you my example I was very fortunate that my journey started when I was 16. At this age I sought help for the very first time AND I was willing to make it work; now almost 20 years later there are “ghosts” or “issues” from the past that come and haunt me every now and then. This work is continuous, it never ends because we never stop growing; also, from my personal experience just because you are confident in one are of your life, it does NOT mean you will be confident in every other area, it isn’t that simple. Working with a confidence coach helps you recognise your blind spots and what steps to take and you will have someone by your side cheering you on all the way to your goal and facilitate feedback when things don’t go as planned. In Summary A confidence coach is someone who knows and understands what it is like to have no confidence and they have the tools to help you become more confident and assertive in your life. This process takes time and your coach will have your back every step of the way because when you win your coach wins too. Thank you so much for reading and if you want a confidence coach why not take a free-20 mins consultation and find out how I can help you starting today. Have a wonderful day. With all my love, Jorge
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Lessons Learned Through Modern Energy Art Nothing in life is worth doing if we aren’t learning any lessons from it, either good or bad lessons. For as long as I can remember I have been a student of life, I guess I have one of those personalities where I have to have answers and if the people I ask don’t have them and I get to work and I do whatever it takes to get those answers. I believe there are no mistakes or errors or booboos of f*ck ups in life, simply feedback and lessons, we will continue to “mess up” until we learn these lessons and then eventually move on. Recently talking to a friend I commented on how blessed I was, as for most of my life I have learned through other people’s “mistakes” and “testimonials”, so my learning curve has been rather quick and pleasant too. In personal development it is said that the first step for change is: awareness. When you have awareness you literally see magic unfold before your very eyes and EVERYTHING seems to ‘make sense’, it is a great feeling and life becomes a walk in the park. But what happens when you don’t have this awareness? Truthfully, not much!!! Life, work, romance, you name it, these things do NOT seem to work at all; we are stressed, ‘under pressure’, we feel useless, overwhelming feelings, etc., etc. Without awareness life isn’t as joyous or fun. Without it, you don’t know what you are doing right or ‘wrong’, what mistakes are being made, what needs to be improved, whether what you are doing works or not. Simple tasks can take up to twice as long, EVERYTHING becomes a burden or a chore! If you are like me (especially if you are in personal development), there comes a point when you get to the ‘good stuff’ in your life, and by this I mean the stuff that has not being dealt with before AND this is when real and incredible transformation starts to take place. Though, two things tend to occur here: We might not want to talk to anyone, for various reasons; or, We have no idea what is holding us back. So, if we don’t have this ‘awareness’ to solve a ‘problem’ because we don’t want to talk about or because we don’t know what it is, what do we do? More personal development? Or, try something new? I guess this would be a very personal choice and I will share what I did and what insight and awareness it shone into my life. Modern Energy Art When we talk or hear Art, we immediately thing of Picasso, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, etc., people that history has told us are the greatest and most amazing artists EVER, and when we see their art we either think: what a masterpiece or what the hell! I grew up thinking I was not good at drawing, never mind art. Memories from childhood would haunt me, having to draw vases, or fruit baskets, or landscapes (the idea of art would trigger the hell out of me!); so, it’d end up either asking my mum to do it for me OR paying my cousin to do it for me. Arts and Sports were my nemesis at school! Every time I was colouring something in I’d go out of the edges and I’d lose my temper. In a nutshell, I quit the idea of EVER being an artist at a very young age. There was no hope in hell for me as an artist, or at least I thought that. In order for healing to occur and take place something magical has to happen or be done; though, in my experience our instinct (or 6th sense) always knows and when we listen to it we give this healing permission to take place. I am blessed to say that I ‘almost’ always listen to my 6th sense and when I don’t I regret it immediately. So, last year a friend, mentor and role model, Silvia Hartmann announced she’d be opening a coaching programme called: Modern Energy Art Apprenticeship; the second I heard about it I knew I had to do it. However, at first, I made every excuse under the sun as to why I couldn’t do it: Time, Money, Energy, Was it worth it, Do I have all the resources needed, I am not an artist!, What if I can’t do it, etc. The typical excuses we all make and the ones I encourage my clients to dismiss when they REALLY want something! Here is the thing, Silvia only opened it to 12 people and the spaces were flying real quick, as many people I suffer from F.O.M.O (fear of missing out), so every time she announced there was another space gone my heart would skip a beat. I was sat on the fence for days and when there were only two spaces left I jumped in. So, I got to work and I emailed Silvia for my first task! Originally the idea of doing art by myself without a tutor or teacher by my side was terrifying. I loved how everything started! Silvia simply asked: What were your first memories of art? That was easy for me to answer: I loved playing with crayons when I was a child, I loved the freedom of doodling on the paper for hours on end, the smell of the wax and feeling of the crayons on the paper. As I was typing the answer I had my first breakthrough and insight! I saw how this was a great investment, opportunity and the vehicle I needed to move to the next level AND I was thankful to my 6th sense for guiding me to it. Then we moved onto the first drawing, an egg, what a metaphor! The beginning and birth of something new… So, I did my first egg, it was painted using crayons. When I was drawing and painting the egg I was a child again, full of hope and dreams, the joy and love that irradiated from me at that moment was so healing and powerful that I lost track of time. The feeling was so addictive that I did 2 more eggs and I had another insight: I realised how much I judged people! I used to comment about people who were buying colouring books and colouring in instead of getting one with their work and lives; I learned I was the one missing out, I was the one who wasn’t healing nor giving myself the time to reenergise or clear my mind. More tasks came in and I was producing even more paintings, when I thought I couldn’t paint or do any form of art. Second insight: I was making excuses for the sake of making excuses! How can I know I can’t do anything if I don’t give it a go? I couldn’t draw as a child but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it as an adult! As the days, weeks and months went through I was learning so much about myself, without even looking for these answers!!! I started to notice improvements in other areas of my life too! Lessons learned through Modern Energy Art: I judged people without knowing their motives for doing what they were doing, I was making excuses for the sake of making them, I discovered how much of a perfectionist I was and how it was holding me back!, I realised I dislike the idea of being told what to AND following instructions/systems, I learned that in order to solve a problem, I must focus on the solution instead of the problem, When you are ready to be healed the healing event will manifest itself, Best healing occurs without words, Energy is ever present and the more Energy you put into something, the more you will get out, You are responsible for your happiness and joy, you ought to look for what’s missing, Intuition is everything, our 6th sense is there for a reason, lets use it, Energy well spent is Energy well invested, I learned I can do anything and that I am unstoppable, I am the only one who can stop me, I learned that the past really doesn’t define me, it is what I do in the now that does, Art isn’t rocket science, it is a form of self-expression therefore an Energy exchange, I am creative and not just an Artist, but a Modern Energy Artist, I discovered that I am awesome, I learned to love my creations, people’s opinions count but they aren’t everything, I learned to give myself a pat on the back, I am creating magic in my life, I realised the importance of feedback and how powerful and healing it can be, I learned there is so much more to discover about me and that I am only getting started! I have taken a small selection of the lessons I have learned so far, it pleases to know I made the right decision when I took on this programme and how far I have come. Energy is awareness and it is this what moves us forward and closer to our enlightenment and the life of our dreams. In conclusion Energy art is not just art, it is a self-healing tool where you the artist creative art as well as evolve and learn valuable lessons about yourself and your life. You grow, you evolve, you discover what you are capable of. Magic appears in your life, stays in your soul and you continue to sparkle towards your awesomeness. What’s not to like? Thank you so much for reading and comment on this post and let me know your experiences with art either as an artist or as a admirer. Till next time, Jorge
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How To Raise Your Energy Levels? Often people ask me: How on Earth do you manage to do so much? And how come you never seem to be doing much either? I laugh a little and respond: Because I am smart! The truth is that THAT is my secret I am smart! What do I mean by smart? I spend my Energy efficiently AND I know how to get endless amounts of Energy! That is a big statement I would hear some say and IT IS! If you read yesterday’s blog post “How to get ‘stuff’ done”, there I mentioned I had to become disciplined AND the person who could achieve the big and ambitious goals I had, but there was something else I was doing that I didn’t discover till years later. I was managing my Energy levels and state (more of this on another post). I was using Energy techniques that moved me forward and enabled me speed many tasks up. How do you raise your Energy levels? Have you noticed how I capitalise the word Energy, for me it is such an underused and underestimated resource. Firstly, was is Energy? I think an even better question to ask is what isn’t Energy? Energy is in everything AND it is EVERYTHING! We find Energy in our foods for our nutrition, we use Energy to power our cars, for electricity, gas, etc., etc., the list can go on and on and on… We even use it in our day to day lives in phrases like, I can feel something is going to happen, or I get a negative vibe from someone… We aren’t strangers to Energy, yet at the same time we don’t understand it much or use it to our advantage. Adding to yesterday’s post what I was doing was I was Energising my goals, myself and how I did everything. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that cake? There are many ways to raise our Energy levels and I will describe what I used to do to inspire me to get to work quicker and get sh*t done, I’d focus on how achieving that goal would make me feel once I achieved it AND I’d bring that amazing feeling (Energy) to the present and let it drive me to work harder. It worked each and every time. I was up to my neck in tasks and assignments; work was very demanding too and I got it ALL done! So, as I also mentioned yesterday at that time I started a new relationship, so I would NOT waste a second I had to spare AND I would get ALL of my tasks done as quick and fast as I could, why? I had something to look forward to, my new love wanted to see me, so I’d get to work and seeing him would be my reward. Similar scenario, there was something motivating me and empowering me to get EVERYTHING done, this driving force this ‘thing’ is our Energy being channelled and put to good work. Last year, in the first quarter I felt compelled and driven to write a book where I could share with people some of the techniques I have used in the past to raise my Energy AND have fun above all. What’s the point in doing anything if you can’t have fun, right? There was one little ‘situation’, I had been using this techniques at a subconscious level which means, I didn’t know I was using them unless someone pointed them out to me, and no one EVER did! I got to work and I started journaling what I was doing when I was at my most efficient and proactive. I did this for a couple of weeks and I was fascinated by my findings and how simple these techniques were, things that anyone could do at anytime and anywhere! That’s how 23 Ways To Raise Your Energy Levels came to be, from the desire to be able to tell others how they can raise their Energy too, AND so I knew what I was doing ‘unconsciously” and apply when I needed some extra Energy and when I was ‘feeling sorry’ for myself. The more Energy you have, the more you can do and the more you can give; Energy goes way beyond physicality, or nutrition, or “drinking coffee/redbull”. Energy IS real and when you know how to use it to your advantage and to enrich your life, everything changes, you transform and evolve, AND you become the person you know yourself to be. These techniques aren’t rocket science, I have given you two that aren’t in the book (now I can say I have 25 techniques that raise my Energy levels! Hehe). Do you want more Energy in your life, then get to work, do something about it NOW! I produce content and I put it out there for people to benefit from it, so it is up to you now, get your copy of 23 Ways To Raise Your Energy Levels, right here: and start feeling the benefits right away. Thank you for reading and till next time. With all my love, Jorge
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How To Get ‘Stuff’ Done? When I was all “new” to adulthood and goal setting I was totally naïve, I had no idea about what I wanted nor how to get what I wanted. I had very limited skills, I had a lot “potential” and yet I felt stuck! Growing up I was very academic, which to be totally honest was more coincidental than anything else as I had a “pushy mother” on the one hand and no friends on the other! What I mean to say is: studying hard and spending some time gathering information was NOT uncommon for me nor challenging… So, I got to work and with what I found I was left even more confused!!! Truthfully, it didn’t take much to confuse me as EVERYTHING was new to me, I became an adult far away from what I was used to: different language, different environment, different culture and I was alone, I had no family with me, just a partner who didn’t know how to communicate the adult stuff to me. I read and read AND read till my eyes went red and square; I even found myself searching for the meaning of life, there had to be a clue somewhere. All I found was: You have to be motivated to achieve your goals and get sh*t done, You have to set SMART goals (I did wonder who’d want to set STUPID goals?) LOL!, You have to commit and be accountable for your actions, You have to get to work straight away. These all made sense and kind of did make a difference in my life at the time, however, it was through my own trial and error that I learned what was missing. The missing link! It wasn’t until I was in my late 20’s and tired of the “rat race” and being dictated my worth that I got serious about creating a vision and a very compelling future for myself, so something I have never done had to be done. What was it? DISCIPLINE I had to be disciplined and do what others wouldn’t do to work magic in my life, I wanted to be self-employed and call my shots, I had to be someone else, someone who’d be stopped at NOTHING! How did I do this? When I look back and see what I did then I admire myself for the sacrifices made and EVERYHTING I did to make my dreams come true. I was working full-time for a catering company and at the same time I was studying a full time Management course in my local college, a part time accountancy foundation AND some online courses. I didn’t sleep more than 3 hours for months and months, I never missed one day at work or college, I submitted all my assignments on time AND I started a new relationship at the same time. If I am honest, the new relationships was the hardest!!! The discipline I introduced into my routine was worthy of the military, up at the crack of dawn and I’d be up until EVERYTHING that had to be done was done. I pushed myself to new heights and I discovered I could do WHATEVER I set my mind to. If I am honest, my dreams didn’t materialise immediately, it was on the second year of my Management course when I noticed how poorly staff were trained at work, how they were made feel they were unworthy of their jobs and this resulted in all of them having a low self-esteem, ultimately affecting the results at work. This was the moment I discovered I was only getting started and there was more I had to do to not only work on my terms but to help people overcome their self-esteem and confidence issues, and to provide the appropriate training tools for employers so their staff performance and self-esteem were EVER increasing. In conclusion The 2 lessons I learned to get stuff done were: I had to be disciplined, do what I had never done before, go where I had never gone before and do whatever (within reason!) it took to get sh*t done! I had to become someone else, not a crummy version of someone else or a copy-cat, but a me that would stop at NOTHING to make my dreams come true, to overcome the obstacles that would come my way and have the strength I needed to go all the way where my dreams were. This is what I learned worked for me, becoming disciplined and a better, stronger version of myself, I added these to the goal setting, motivation and ALL the other things I had learned. You want to know what? That search I did about the meaning of life did help, it enabled me to distinguish that I had to think of others and have a purpose, essentially become more to do more. Powerful stuff, right? I am glad you have read today’s post and I look forward to writing more useful content for you. With all my love, Jorge
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My Week In 500 Words – Week 1 I find the beginning of the year a tough time! For the last decade or so I have faced the consequences or reaped the rewards of my actions, the steps taken or not. So far, I have been working really hard so 2018 is my best year yet! And I know it will be!!! Clients bookings coming in all directions, students wanting to train with me, my sense of wellbeing and fitness increasing AND in the right direction, motivating and inspiring others and myself at the same time. All these boxes and some more have been ticked so far, in the last week, in the first 7 days of the year. I have taken the time to reflect on 2017 and all the incredible lessons I brought with me to this year, I set very clear and empowering goals that WILL transform many lives. At midnight when we entered into 2018 I made the conscious decision that I would raise my standards AND the bar so high so that I can become the person that can achieve my ambitious goals. I’ve had the honour to spend some precious time with my partner and creating memories that will bring us closer together and take us to new heights personally and in our relationship. I reflected on how incredibly fortunate I am to have him by my side, for being my rock and support at ALL times. My health has become so important to me that I have almost become evangelical about the importance of being healthy or healthier and creating a movement of health to empower and heal the world. So, now my next big goal is my fitness, I want to achieve the body and fitness level I deserve and that requires some discipline. Yesterday was such a great day as I caught up with a friend and our conversation was so healing and powerful for the both of us and I am EVER so grateful to have that calibre of people in my live, it’s a joy! As if things weren’t great enough I committed myself to writing my first fiction novel to a room of 15 people, who are aspiring writers! They will hold me accountable for it and it is a great feeling to know there are people who barely know you and yet they care about you honouring your word! Gosh, I am so blessed I sometimes forget how lucky I am to be where I am and doing what I am doing! Yes, I know I have worked for it but to be able to reflect on it and see it on a regular basis is such a blessing. I can confirm and announce that my first week in 2018 has been an amazing and powerful week that I am so excited and looking to discovering what else will be coming my way in the next days, weeks and months. To an even better year. Forever yours, Jorge
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Why Am I A Vegan? You are a what? Or, Where do you get your protein from? Or, Is that even safe? Or, How do you know you are actually saving the planet? Or, You? No F*cking way! Veganism is a concept that is new to some and those who know about it have their own idea of what veganism is, it kind of reminds me of the idea we have of spiritual people, hippies with dreadlocks, living in the woods and drinking ayahuasca on a regular basis! It is easier to talk to people about same sex relationships (and even sex!) than to explain veganism! Some people don’t get it and that is OK. What I wanted to do today was to tell you why I am a vegan and perhaps educate you a bit further and help you to understand people’s choices and decisions without any judgement. Doesn’t that sound good to you? Before I go any further I want to take you back to 2003 when I heard of the term vegan/veganism for the first time, it was at college when I was learning catering and hospitality. Bear in mind English isn’t my first language and I had just (almost literally!) landed I thought what the hell is that, who wouldn’t want to eat meat? We cooked some dishes and they were brilliant! I ate them all… In fact, I am known for always eating EVERYTHING!!! I tried the “vegetarian thing” in ’05 and at the time I was in a relationship with a huge meat eater he said to me you won’t last and I said: watch me! First night I couldn’t NOT eat meat, I cooked his dinner and I cheated immediately!!! He laughed and simply said: Told ya!!! I kept at it (without cheating) for two more weeks and I failed miserably, it was tough, and I loved meat too much to give it up. Then, a vegan came into my life and she looked like hell!!! I mean she looked anaemic, unhealthy and she wasn’t advertising veganism very well. We became really good friends so good that we travelled together, and she’d tolerate me eating animal flesh in front to her without judging me (that is huge!). In 2010 we travelled together to the Czech Republic and she witnessed how I devoured 1 kg of pure Argentinian fillet steak (trying to prove how macho I was!) and then watched how I vomited it back onto the platter it was delivered in! I was born to be a meat eater! No kidding… You should feel how sharp my teeth are!!! Come on, when you come from a developing country you know you aren’t that poor when you are eating meat, and boy did my parents work hard so we always had meat on our plates, it’d be a small piece, a token that we weren’t that poor. So, when I made it to the first world, I had to eat tons of meat, right? 2013 arrived and it was a funny year, I had been on a journey (of self-discovery) and I had tried veganism for a short while (before attending a shamanic gathering) and I wanted to become more connected to source, god and humans so I made the decision to become a vegan! You are reading well, the guy who thought eating meat was cool because it meant you weren’t poor. At first, I felt amazing, I was definitely getting what I wanted which was connection and affinity to others. I could see auras and sense people’s feelings and emotions, it was great. By then, I had a new partner (and still together) and we had a very social life, always out and that meant restaurant dinners, alcohol and it felt awkward going out because I wanted what everybody else was having, but I was a vegan, so I wouldn’t. I’d be teased and I’d end up arguing back and it wasn’t pleasant. I hated every second of it. Towards the end of the year (I’d only been a vegan for 5 months by then), I was being attuned to Reiki and I said to my Reiki Master I hate being a vegan, it feels I am punishing myself by not eating what I want to eat, to which she replied: Then don’t do it! So, that was my veganism gone out the window. I went back to eating meat and did I catch up or what!!! The next couple of years I’d be eating without a care and stuffing my face (and gut) with whatever animal product or by-product I could find AND you’d be surprised to hear how easy to find they are!!! Almost as if they wanted you to have them… (no comments there!!!) Towards the end of 2015, beginning of 2016 I’d be telling my partner, almost as if I was craving it, I wanted to go vegan (again!) and I wanted his support and he’d say: nah! Waste of time, see what happened last time… He was right! It was very likely I’d end up eating meat again. As you can see there was no way on this planet (or universe) I’d end up being a vegan again. I had, however noticed how many more vegan options there were compared to when I was a vegan (it had improved a great deal), also tons and tons of information about animal cruelty and side effects of eating dairy and animal products. Then 2017 was here, the beginning of the year was testing me I had some rubbish news (more of that at another time), I was also concerned about my liver and its enzymes levels. I was off to Panama and I was partying a lot, so lots of alcohol (24/7), eating lots of animal products and by-products (also 24/7). Met my partner in New Orleans (highly recommend it, will deffo go back there soon!) and more alcohol and more animal products. By this point I was at my heaviest and I was not happy with the size of my belly and how round my face looked, didn’t mind my big butt, though! Back in the UK, from the 27th to the 30th of April 2017 I was attending a live seminar in London, UPW – Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins and the last day (30th of April), was a pivotal moment in my life! I had the veil removed from face, the blindfold behind this veil taken off and for the first time, EVER, I was able to see how I had been poisoning my body, my life and my soul. The information shared on the last day, showed and scientifically proved how having animal products, animal by-products, refined sugars, processed foods, coffee and alcohol are NOT good for us but instead LETHAL to us. Once this information was given to us and a 10-day challenge too, I was up for it. I was going to give these 10 days my all, and I even thought of going EVERYTHING free for a whole month! End of month one, 1 st lost and I felt amazing; so I rolled onto my second month and still going now, on my 9th month… I think I am due a “vegan baby” soon!!! What I took away from that event is that I had not been informed/educated about the health benefits of a plant-based/vegan lifestyle. Please, notice how I used the word LIFESTYLE, veganism is not a diet, it is a lifestyle, a way of being where your choices are for the benefit of others and yourself; AND this includes of peace of mind. Previously, on my first vegan attempt I failed because it was ALL ABOUT ME! I didn’t see the bigger picture about being a vegan or veganism. I did my due diligence (which I highly encourage you to do too!!!), and I was shocked to learn what I did. All my life I have been very fortunate, I am truly blessed and I have taken my education very seriously so I was in a position where I could see and understand how I was conditioned to be and act in a specific way and quite frankly I was not ever given the choice to be a meat eater or something else, like a veggie or a vegan. Many slogans and phrases tell us to eat and consume animal products and by-products and that is OK, I have no problem with it, we all make our own decisions. I have made mine, too! When I started this journey, I started as a plant-based vegan, and what that means is I was doing it for health reasons or to drop a few pounds, which I did by the way, all 28 of them. In case you were wondering about my liver, I was told (very coldly, by the way!): You have a fatty liver, if you carry on doing what you were doing you are going to kill yourself! (Oh, she knew how to deliver that!) So, she continued… Just in case you don’t understand what that means… you have a foi gras as a liver! God, she knew how to paint that picture!!! I got these news on my 3rd month as a vegan (or first trimester – if my vegan baby is coming!) and I dread to imagine what these results had been like if hadn’t been doing something different. The more and more I learned the more I was able to see the bigger picture… As a plant-based vegan I was NOT making any difference at all! Wearing leather, wearing fur (which I did have till not so long ago!) is still encouraging industries to rear animals and that that is NOT who I want to be, a promoter of cruelty and destruction. I also understood that as a spiritual person, healer and someone in personal development encouraging these industries was against what I was promoting, against the brand I want to be/have, in terms of health and morality! I felt cheap and a hypocrite to have leather and fur in my wardrobe and call myself a vegan. Yes, I get some people’s arguments; the animal is dead and all of that… The truth is… NOONE WINS!!! Did you know we are overfishing and killing fish that are too small or have no use for us? Did you know it takes tons and tons of animal feed to feed these animals and the same space could be used to feed the starving people in the world? Did you know we are killing the planet by taking away forests so we can have food and space for these animals? I can’t give exact figures… but use your imagination, it is a lot of animals and a lot of space. It gets worse… (sorry not my intention!) We are killing ourselves when we eat animal flesh (that is what it is!), and animal by-products… they take energy from us!!! The nutritional value is NOT worth the hassle. Then we go onto the pollution… our greed and lack of sensitivity have caused us to throw our waste and rubbish everywhere… punishing little selfless animals and people who have done nothing to deserve it!!! I even laugh when I watch people asking for money to save an endangered species… WE have driven that animal to almost become extinct by messing its environment and then ask for £3/per month to save it??? Does that even make sense? To save those animals we have got to STOP messing with their environment and killing them because they may eat our “meat”… WE do not make sense…!!! There are countless other examples that have made my desire to continue this lifestyle for ever because I do not wish to contribute to the extinction of our planet, not on my watch or on this lifetime. We talk about love, loving our neighbours, loving our children, loving pets, loving god and the truth is: OUR ACTIONS DEMONSTRATE THE OPPOSSITE! I am not here to judge or criticise, I am here to share with you why a meat eater like I used to be, in fact many of my friends say: you were the biggest meat eater I knew; I am here to shine a light onto what it means being a vegan and why reducing the amount of animal products or even becoming vegan can be the solution to many of our human problems. I swore I’d never be one of “them” vegans, and here I am now proud to be one of THEM, because these were visionaries who decades ago saw what was coming and we have failed to put a stop to it. It is NOT too late, we can turn things around and start living greener and healthier lives; I am 100% here to promote the salvation of humanity’s health and our planet. I have met many people who think their actions don’t matter and they are wrong, ALL of our actions matter AND it is the compounded effect of all us doing something that can make a huge difference, starting today! WE ALL MATTER and I am here to remind you of that! I am here to tell you that you can save not only the planet but BILLIONS of lives, including yours. That my dears is why I AM A VEGAN! Thank you for reading and please share this post, With all my love, Jorge
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You Are Amazing There are so many things I loooove doing and I do my best to do them all so I don’t feel I am missing out on anything. One of these things is writing poetry. I was ever so fortunate when I was in middle and high school as I had the most passionate teachers in literature and poetry, I loved reading the books assigned not only because they told a story or taught me something new but because I got to step into the author/narrator’s mind and interpret what he meant at the time. Even to this day I have so much respect for those ladies who gave so much, and I honour them by writing non-fiction books and poetry. So, back in November 2017 a mentor asked to write a poetry to recite in front of an audience at a conference I was attending at the time, I couldn’t say no AND I had no time to write it, also I hadn’t written anything for a while, so it felt a bit challenging. I let my innate intelligence guide my fingers over the keys and I let the words flow as if an unknown energy took over me and this is what came out. You are amazing! The words, the energy and the sentiment behind this poem are a celebration to life and to love and to us. This is one of my favourite poems to date, so enjoy it. Please share this poems in your social networks and spread this celebration. With all my love, Jorge You Are Amazing Wondrous and marvellous being, YOU were born out of a miracle, Out of the universe of love YOU came from, The chances were slim, yet you made it. The day to arrive into this world came, You fought and you pushed and out you came. The light you saw and a deep breath you took, AND Out a scream of LIFE came marking your arrival. Hours, days and months of learning and growing came, Everything was, oh so new and yet all so familiar, You fell, you failed, you cried and AGAIN you stood, Your sheer resilience and tenacity NEVER let you down. Do YOU even know what an incredible GIFT to this world YOU are? You are an inspiration, you are a god among us, Yet, you seem to have forgotten who you REALLY are! So, here I am a messenger from heavens to tell you just that. Your life and what you do matters, YOU matter, Cast the doubt and the fear to one side and break free, Step into your greatness, let the light a new way show you, Let your life be that of your dreams, be a flame in the fire of life. Your thoughts, your ideas and EVERYTHING you do the world they can change, You have forgotten the essence of who you are, You have let the noises from the world around drown you and your awesomeness, WAKE UP, STAND UP, STEP UP, TAKE A STAND and reveal who you TRULY are. Listen to my words, hear my message, I believe in you, I know who you really are, Stop playing small, this is NOT your real role, You are, oh so much more. Riches, wealth and infinite abundance your birthright are, Anything you can have, but the do must you do, And firstly you ought to be, not anything nor anyone, Be, be you, be who you know yourself to be. Magic, love, passion AND so much more, Listen to the voice of your heart, feel the fire burning in your soul, Be, live, love, find yourself, free yourself, Wake up to the real you, and live for the first time. Learn, unlearn and most importantly relearn, That you are love, that you are important, That there is no one like you, Nor there will EVER be ANYone like you! YOU ARE AMAZING, REMEMBER THIS, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE, KNOW THIS, YOU ARE SENSATIONAL, BELIEVE THIS, YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT, NEVER FORGET THIS! Written by Jorge Vence
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5 Lessons Learned From Watching Molly's Game These days it is almost essential to have a way to unwind and forget about stress or worries, just for a short while anyway. Some of us are quite sneaky and savvy and take this unwinding period and get the most from it. Remember you either go through your day or get from the day. I know what I'd much rather do... As you will know I am a coach, trainer, author, poet, healer, chef, entrepreneur and I love learning; some would say I never switch off! Some people say/ask how do they even relate? They have two things in common me and Energy; Energy is in EVERYTHING and it is what makes things come together, make sense and materialise them before our own eyes. So, on New Year's day my partner and I went to the movies to watch Molly's Game, I was expecting just another film with a bit of action here and there and when you stripped all the good bits away you'd end up with nothing. Truth be told because of my vivid and wild imagination I find movies predictable, boring and quite frankly marketing vehicles where we all can see who is sponsoring the movie!!! Boy meets girl, fights enemy, wins or loses and the end... Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey, story telling, novel writing 101...! - No sarcasm intended I promise! – OK, maybe a little. My expectations were pretty low, I just fancied a nice time with my other half welcoming 2018 romantically and calmly. But boy I was not expecting to get so many life lessons from that movie. Here are the 5 lessons learned from watching Molly's Game 1. We are too quick to judge our parents: Without going into too many details as to what happens in the movie, Molly's relationship with her dad was far from ideal, leading to a broken relationship in her adult life, what she doesn't know is that her dad always loved her and he was too ashamed of himself and what he had done in the past. We often judge our parents and create a story in our heads as to why they are the way they are, we buy into this story and we don't let go of it. Parents are humans too and they do the best they can with the resources available to them. Let's be kind to them (this includes me too!)! 2. It only takes one second to change the course of our lives (for the better or for the worse!): Molly by many people's standard was a bright kid with everything going for her, though one accident made her decide to take a year off and head to LA, there she meets someone who'd introduce her a life and lifestyle she'd soon become addicted to, getting deeper and deeper into an abyss of greed, luxuxy and a life many of us would consider impossible, yet she orchestrated it and created it herself from scratch, bringing to life the ideal fantasy for powerful men. Had that accident never happened, how would her life be different? 3. Intelligence and potential does no equal success: it is hard to believe that someone bright, sharp and with the world at their feet would jeopardise it all by going in the opposite direction, sadly we all know that that is not the case. I have seen it in my life and with many of my clients, we seem to have it all set for us and events AND our sense of unworthiness sabotage it, and unavoidably we end up further away from where we were expected to be by ourselves and others. This reminds me something one of my tutors from college said to me once: real intelligence is not what you know but how you apply what you know. 4. It is one belief or decision that shapes our lives and destiny: there is a powerful moment in the movie (I say powerful as it almost reduced me to tears!) where Molly is met by her dad and they had a long overdued conversation. Here her dad who in the movie is a psychologist says Molly you are addicted to the power over powerful men, that's why you do what you do. Incredibly powerful statement and insight as to why she did what she did, loving the feeling of being in control and being powerful over the most influential and powerful men in the world, just because she wanted to prove to her dad she was powerful too! Awareness doesn't get any better than this. One belief, one decision that drives to do unthinkable and crazy stuff without us being fully aware of it. 5. To wake up from our carelessness and destructive behaviours something bad has to happen: as crazy as it may sound we let things go further than they should. In the movie there are two scenes that were her wake-up call; the first one is when she gets a beating for not liaising with some gangsters and the second when the FBI gets involved! I know these are extreme cases but when we look around us people's lives are transformed and shaped by violence, crime, abuse, drugs, alcohol, bullying. I have known of people who had to be arrested to start a 'new life', the death of a child or parent, illness and disease, it doesn't matter how big or small it may appear to us but these pivotal moments have the leverage to force us to make new decisions. In conclusion  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie and I felt I was the viewer who got away with all the good stuff. I felt truly blessed to have watched this movie and take this as a warning of how things can turn out IF I don't stay on course or IF I don't seek the help I need or IF I don't get the support I need. As Jim Rohn used to say there are two types of stories: • Stories of success and inspiration, and • Warnings: DO NOT DO THIS!!! Surprisongly in Molly's case her story is a bit of both: it is a warning and it is a success, waking up on time and turning her life around and sharing it with the world. If you get the chance go and watch this movie and see it as more than a movie, well it is more than a movie as it is based on a true story and I believe she has been kind enough to share it with us. I saw areas of my life in which I have been careless and now I can rectify them and stay on course, carry on with my purpose and continue to inspire others. This is it for today. Carry on being awesome. Before we say goodbay (for today) follow my blog and subscribe to my newsletter, too. Have a sensational day. With all my love, Jorge
How I Lost 2 Stone In 2 months AND Kept Them Off Hiiii, This is the very first time in many years that a new year starts and weight loss is NOT one of concerns, so no new year’s resolution in that area for me! How on earth did I manage to do that? Gosh, I will do my best to share with you my weight loss triumph really short, as I wasn’t even intending to lose any weight to begin with. Before I go into all the nitty gritty details there is a little confession I have to make: I had an eating disorder and I did NOT know about it… If you know me you might even be screaming at this post as you’d find hard to believe it. So, what do I mean when I say I had an eating disorder? For starters I was the average man, a few pounds fluctuating here and there and in terms of my physical appearance I looked OK, fit some would say. I bought into that story too! I am OK, I look OK I just let myself go for a little while and I will lose these 10 lbs in no time, and it was a vicious circle that almost never ended. I went from weighing 64 kg (approx. 141 lbs) to weighing 72 kg (159 lbs) in 2 years (2009-2011) and gained a further 2 kg for the next 6 years reaching my highest and heaviest weight EVER at 85 kg back in April 2017. 21 kg were gained in just 8 years!!! That is an average of just under 3 kg in a year and I didn’t notice.  I know it doesn’t sound much but compounded it is a lot, specially when you have photographic evidence of befores and afters and you are needing to buy new clothes sometimes too often. Also, let’s be a bit honest and clear about something here and that is I’ve been going to the gym a bit more in the last 5 years, so yes there has been an increase in muscle mass but the vast majority of my weight gain was fat. Does this resonate with you too? What happened then? At the end of April 2017 when I came back from Holidays from Panama and the US I attended a seminar by Tony Robbins, UPW – Unleash The Power Within. I have never jumped so much in my life! Good god, I think I lost a couple of pounds in sweat from all the jumping I did in 4 days. If you know of Tony Robbins he is just sensational, it was a great experience to be in that environment, especially having been face to face with him. The first 3 days were about peak states and state management and how to create a powerful life, I totally loved that and I’d do it all over again. It wasn’t until the 4th day that I had a penny drop moment, an aha moment that would transform the way I was relating to my health and my body. The last day of UPW was about Energy and Nutrition! From the word go I was in shock and horrified to discover how rubbish my lifestyle and diet were!!! Shocking… I mean, for someone who claimed to love himself fully I was killing myself without even knowing I was doing it. I learned and discovered that I was depleting my energy and robbing myself from much needed resources of energy. I realised I was eating the wrong foods, at the wrong times and mixing the wrong foods altogether. For the first in a long time, I had an honest conversation with myself: WTF! What have you been doing with your life? Why has it taken you this long to look into nutrition and lifestyle choices? (That’s how the conversation went BTW!) I was petrified and disgusted that I didn’t know I was poisoning my body and slowly killing myself. Someone showed me and taught me a lesson I had to learn, making it a pivotal moment in my life. Without going into too much detail as to what was discussed that day, at the end of that day we were given a 10-day challenge. Here, we had to go without the following, for 10-days: Coffee, Animal flesh and by-products, Dairy products, Processed foods, Refined carbohydrates, and Gluten. One of the funniest moments was hearing the audience gasp every time an item was mentioned…  Cries and upsets from all directions!!! 10-days without coffee? No cheese? No bread? At that moment I decided to be honest with myself and I said 10-days is not enough to turn my life around and achieve the results I am after. I am extending this challenge to 30-days, which Tony advised anyway. He did say: You do this for 10-days and your body will thank you for it, but if you do it for 30-days you will transform your life for EVER!!! And he was right! May 2017 came and from the 1st I made the commitment to myself I’d be a Vegan for a month. Day 1 no problem, day 2 piece of cake, day 3 what’s the big deal… day 30 OMFG I have lost 1 st, and I felt amazing. June came and I was committed to be a Vegan for another month and I lost yet another stone. At this moment I had so much energy that I had forgotten what it was like to have that much energy, I was exercising and doing yoga and doing things I used to love doing and it felt just right. July, August… December, January 2018 and I am still a Vegan and still not taking any of those poisons. Lessons learned I learned (almost the hard way), I was living in toxicity. My whole adult life I had been slowly killing myself to fit it and because it was cool or because I could. I used to be a chef (still am BTW) and I was taught (aka conditioned) the heavier and richer a meal, the better, it had more flavour!!! What a lie… Caffeine, society’s best friend, for the fast-paced lifestyles we have! Total and utter cr*p! Alcohol, as Tony calls it the drink of decay, and boy does it have some crazy effects on us, makes us hungry when we have been on a bender and clouds our choices and decisions, yet we have been conditioned to drink alcohol to celebrate life! Really? We wanted more technology, we wanted more choices and yes we have them now, but the price we pay for this technology is our health. Ready meals, take outs, restaurant meals and some people don’t even know who to cook! Shocking!!! Shame on us… These are fastest ways to an early grave (unless you eat healthy meals when out or healthy take outs!!!) !!! Time seems to be against us… and I repeat seems to!!! I have now more time to spare than I did before, because I have the energy to take and tackle any task, I am energy rich now. Are you? I learned that the only person who can really look after my health is myself, it is my responsibility (to myself, my family, my dreams and the world!!!) and no one else’s. It is my life and I got to take care of it. End of! What did I do then? As I already mentioned I eliminated all of those poisons from my diet. So, I started to eat fresh (live) fruit and vegetables and use the least possible processed ingredients I could find. I also did a 30-days programme using some vegan supplements and proteins that would help with introducing me to a healthier and sustainable lifestyle adjustment and it did just that! All I did was follow the instructions of this programme to the letter and had fun in the process. I was eating so many healthy and nutritious foods that my body loved feeling so great and being able to perform tasks in an even faster manner. At the age of 34 I felt even better than when I was 21, and boy do I need a lot of energy for what I do. I started to give my body, my temple the fuel it really needed, not silly sugary things or coffee or energy drinks that would cause my sugar levels to go up and down and then end up without any energy, anyway! I started to give my body, myself and my life the respect they deserved, that I deserve. I learned to authentically respect myself through respecting my body and creating a lasting and sustainable lifestyle change. How can you experience the same results as me? Lifestyle changes and adjustments are simple but not easy, they require discipline, support and a real commitment from you to yourself. I will share something I hear very often from prospective clients and friends and family: I really want to lose some weight… but you are too far! I really want to lose some weight… but it is too expensive! I really want to lose some weight… but I can’t cook! I really want to lose some weight… but I don’t have time to do it! I really want to lose some weight… but I don’t have the energy to do it! I really want to lose some weight… but I can’t do this nor that! I really want to lose some weight… but I don’t know how to! To which I very kindly give them the best solutions to help solve their problems and those who still decline or let their problem win I just say: Then you don’t really want to lose any weight because when you REALLY want to do anything or achieve any goal you WILL find the time, money, energy and resources to make it happen. I was time poor because I had no energy, and now I have the energy and guess what more time too. So, if you want to explore more and do this 30-days programme visit this site and take a look at the products and buy them, then get in touch with me and I will help you achieve your health goals for 2018. If the idea of veganism horrifies you, do NOT worry because you can do this programme eating lean meats. Anything in moderation is OK, if you wish to take it further afterwards even better. A life well lived is a well spent! Most of us go through life rather than getting from life, most of us waste our lives rather than spending wisely. Things are changing rapidly around us and only those who are well equipped will adapt to those changes. Will you be one of them? One last thing before finishing here: Recently I read a post from an acquaintance on FB and here she was talking about loving and accepting yourself as you are with or without curves, I totally get that and I also promote that. Here is where our opinions differ: You can be poor but healthy. You can be rich but healthy. You can be overweight but healthy (which more often than not is NOT the case!). You can be underweight but healthy. Health is the key and answer to true happiness, we are what we eat and we aren’t what we are NOT eating. You cannot be happy if you aren’t healthy but you can be very happy if you are living healthily. Health is best experienced than it is explained. Just do it! Eat yourself to health and fitness OR eat yourself to an earlier grave. In the end the choice is always ours. I will ALWAYS choose HEALTH. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and please take a look at this 30-day programme and take action NOW! Share the gift of health with your friends and family, share this post too! With all my love, Jorge

Jorge Vence

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