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I am an Independent Consultant and District Manager with Arbonne International.

Running my own business was never on my career list - I promise you! But let me ask you this..... If you continue to do what you are currently doing and nothing changes, what will your life look like in 5 years’ time? Will you be any further forward in your career, will your savings be growing or shrinking? Will you have financial freedom?

Like thousands of others, I saw the business opportunity with Arbonne International as a way to build a long-term additional income-stream and create financial peace of mind in the future. This business is not about selling some skincare at a pamper party, far from it! Besides, I have no time or desire to do that! It's about sharing a life-changing opportunity. You can build your business alongside everything else you do and that is what is so amazing about this industry; I didn’t have to give up something to build it.

You may read this and wonder if this is for you. "Could I do this too?" Well, please be open-minded. I was not looking for this, but I feel so grateful that I was introduced to it by a friend.

Who do you know who has skin? Who takes a shower? Who do you know who washes their hair? Well, if you said... “Everyone in the civilised world” then you too can build a business with Arbonne.

What do we do?

All I do is show people how to redirect money they already spend on personal care and health and wellness products in the shops to purchase better products with a Swiss heritage - at a DISCOUNT, from THEMSELVES - online. The product is delivered direct to their door - SAVING TIME AND MONEY and BEST of all, I show them how they can turn that expense into an INCOME and show how to help others do the same! This is called network marketing.

You are actually doing this business already but you don’t realise it and, more importantly, you are not getting paid for it. If you recommend a good restaurant to five friends and perhaps two of those friends then go to that same restaurant to also enjoy a meal, does the restaurant owner call you up and say “thank you, I want to pay you for your recommendation” – no that does not happen! However, with network marketing you do get paid for word-of-mouth recommendation.

About Arbonne

More than thrirty years ago, Arbonne's founder, Petter Morck had the foresight to create a line of pure botanically-based vegan-certified products in the Alpine fields of Arbon, Switzerland. With a dedicated team of biochemists, biologists and herbalists, Petter began developing unparallelled skin care products in Europe offered through a network of Independent Consultants.

In 1980, Petter took the Arbonne opportunity to the United States with 19 original products, reflective of Swiss quality and an intergrative approach to beauty, health and wellness. Today, Arbonne is a global brand with a network of Independent Consultants in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia - and growing! The quality of our products, coupled with our rewarding business opportunity, continues to attract people from across the globe to the Arbonne community.

Swiss-formulated botanical products

Our luxurious products are at the 'top' of the market when it comes to Swiss ultra-prestige quality but because they are not sold in shops (this involves wholesalers, warehouses, shops, advertisers etc) all the ‘middlemen’ are cut out of the process so the price is accessible to the masses.

The products are demand-led and consumable (i.e.people will never stop using and re-purchasing these types of products when they run out during their lifetime). The business opportunity gives ordinary people the potential to earn an extraordinary income (all effort-related of course!), and turn the expense of your personal care products into an income and build a network of people doing the same.

Jorge Vence

of Harley Street

Mind & Soul Awakener

Confidence & Succes Coach, Mentor

NLP, EFT, EMO Master Practitioner & Trainer

Modern Stress Management Facilitator & Trainer,

Supermind Master & Trainer, Reiki Master & Teacher, Energist and Author.


My skills include;

Confidence Expert, Author, Coaching, Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Holistic Coaching, NLP Coaching, LGBT Coach, Coach Latino, Mentoring, NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques, Tapping, Positive EFT, Energy EFT, EMO – Energy in Motion, Creative Visualisation, Matrix Reimprinting, Creative Writing, Creativity Skills, Personal Development Skills, Professional Development Skills, Spiritual Development Skills, Modern Stress Management Facilitator, Reiki Master & Teacher, Seichem Master & Teacher, Crystalline Reiki Healing Master & Teacher, Reflexologist, AMT Trainer, EFT Trainer, Positive EFT Trainer, EMO Trainer, Modern Stress Management Trainer, EFTMRA Trainer of EFT Level 1, EFT Level 2 & Advanced EFT – EFT Level 3, Supermind Trainer, NLP Trainer at NLP Diploma, NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Levels.

Qualifications: Mr Jorge Vence CMgr MCMI, MInstLM, MGHT, MAMT, TAMT Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher with Independent Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher Kathy Lockyear; Fifth Dimension Healing with Independent Master Practitioner/Teacher Kathy Lockyear; Seichem Master Practitioner/Teacher with independent Master Practitioner/Teacher Kathy Lockyear; Crystal Healing, S.N.H.S Dip.; Reflexology L3, The Cottage Training Centre, Hythe; Make-up Artistry, with International Make-up Artist Sue Alexander C.I.D.E.S.C.O; NVQ L3 in Catering and Hospitality, City & Guilds; Skin care product knowledge, with award winner Dr Xavier Goodarzian, of Xavier's Clinic, Southampton; NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming, S.N.H.S Dip.; NLP Practitioner with The NLP School London with Robert Steinhouse Master NLP Trainer; NLP Practitioner Coach with IANLPC, ILM Approved Centre; AAMET EFT Practitioner; AAMET Advanced Practitioner L3 EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting using EFT, with Karl Dawson EFT Master Practitioner; EFTMRA Advanced EFT Practitioner, EFTMRA Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, AMT Positive EFT Practitioner; AMT Energy EFT Master Practitioner; AMT Certified Trainer in Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner, EMO Master Practitioner, Modern Stress Management Facilitator; EFTMRA Certified Trainer in EFT Levels 1, 2 & 3, NLP Master Practitioner, The Lazarus Consultancy; AMT Accredited Certificate in Modern Stress Management; Accredited NLP Trainer, John Seymour; AMT Accredited Project Sanctuary Master; EMO - Energy in Motion - Master Practitioner, Supermind Master & Trainer.

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